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Included in Society
Results and Recommendations of the European Research Initiative on Community-Based Residential Alternatives for Disabled People

This publication is a result of the project “Included in Society” aiming at analyzing the conditions in and prevalence of large residential institutions for disabled people in Europe. The participating organisations and universities collected information on the living conditions in large residential institutions in 25 European countries. This is the basis for policy recommendations addressing the need for more community based... Read More>>

KAIH has put together a report on the post elections violence and the impact on the Persons with Intellectual disabilities and their families.
The report provides graphic details of the horrors of the situation and it includes recommendations to be adopted in order to help prevent further such situations. Please take time to... Read More>>

Self-Advocacy Toolkit
Understanding and Supporting Self Advocacy
Taskforce on Self Advocacy

This material is part of the Toolkit for Self Advocacy that is being developed by the Taskforce on Self Advocacy. The Taskforce welcomes contributions of best practice and inspirational materials that can be added to the Toolkit... Read More>>