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Study tour on Inclusive Education - Education for all and with all

New Brunswick, 4 April, 2010.

Inclusive Education Canada, Inclusion International, Asdown Colombia and la Fundación Saldarriaga Concha united efforts to develop a Study Tour on Inclusive Education “Education with All and for All” in New Brunswick on 4 April, 2010.

The event was led by Gordon Porter, visionary and promoter of Inclusive Education in Canada and other countries in which he has been invited to plant seeds of inclusion and hope. His expertise and efforts are reflected in the program designed for this initiative. Participants enjoyed orientation sessions as well as educative sessions and discussions with professionals. They had the opportunity to visit primary and secondary schools and to talk to members of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick- Jill Peters, Director & Staff – and with members of the New Brunswick Association for Community Living on the work they have been carrying out since 1987 to ensure inclusion in New Brunswick- Krista Carr, Directora Ejecutiva & Staff . Other guests attending the event were Brian Kelly from the Ministry of Education of the province, Robin Crain, Specialist on Learning, Services to Students, Superintendent Lisa Gallagher and staff from the office of the Scholar district 14 and Alex Dingwall, Dan Leonard, Donal Porter and Steve Pierce from Scholar District 18.

Participants, including two teachers awarded by Fundacion Saldarriaga Concha for their practice in the class promoting inclusive education, examined how inclusive education constitutes a systemic approach to Education For All. The relation between discourse and practice, the belief from all different actors that only that way inclusive education take place were valuable elements for the participants to take home. However what surprises the most is that after more than 20 years promoting and practicing inclusive education, it has only been evaluated recently with more than 200 recommendations and the Ministry of Education has been implementing them under a initiative that will take 3 years as part of the education for the XXI century that is taking place in New Brunswick.