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Inclusion Africa

Inclusion Africa is a pan- African federation of association advocating for the rights of people with intellectual disability and their families throughout the African continent. It is an association established by reuniting parent movements which have a common vision and mission for children with intellectual disability in the continent.

Inclusion Africa was established by 13 member countries in a conference held in Windhoek, Namibia on October, 25, 2008. At present it has 16 member countries which include: South Africa, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Malawi, Swaziland ,Namibia, Ghana, and Burkina Faso.

Inclusion Africa functions as the regional body of Inclusion International


An African continent where people with intellectual disabilities and their families can equally participate and be valued in all aspects of community life.

• To empower parent associations in Africa to step up their self-advocacy activities
• To work in partnership to include disability and persons with disabilities into policies and programs in all sectors of society in Africa

Goals of Inclusion Africa

• Unite associations for people with intellectual disabilities, parents, friends and self-advocates in Africa; and encourage and support such associations or regional groupings to carry out their objectives.
• Promote co operations between members to exchange experiences and to work together in matters related to research, exchanges, mutual aid, training, information, education, health and the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities
• Encourage and promote the formation of self advocate groupings at a national and/or regional level.
• Promotes the goals of Inclusion International, the UN conventions and the Continental Plan of Action (CPOA) adopted by the African Union on how to implement the African Decade Program activities
• Promote the participation of self advocates in decision making processes in all areas that might affect the lives of intellectually disabled people in Africa.
• Establish partnership programs with other organizations (governmental and non-governmental)
• Work with Inclusion International and other concerned organization to achieve the United Nations Development Millennium Goals (MDGs) for combating poverty, hunger, disease, environmental degradation, illiteracy and discrimination.

Key focus Areas.

IA is committed to bringing about changes in;

• The promotion of inclusive education in all member countries- IA will work to scale up the good practices/experiences that some African associations are now showing in this regard.. Ia Will also work for the promotion of the convention on the rights of people with disabilities (CRPD)
• Enhance the activities on self advocacy- Ia is now committed to develop an advocacy strategy and adop/the tools necessary
• IA will work in engaging families of children and youth with intellectual disabilities

Major partners. IA is building partnership programs with all associations working on the rights of disabled persons in general.. IA has a strong partnership program with :
NFU (The Norwegian Association for people with Intellectual Disabilities) and The African Decade for Persons with Disabilities.

Strategic plan. Inclusion Africa has now adopted a five-year strategic plan (2010- 2014). IA targets the establishment and functioning of a vibrant and effective network of parent organizations that lobbies for the promotion of the rights of people with intellectual disability and their families. Building improved governance and management systems and developing the tools that will help translate its constitution, mainstreaming issues of intellectual disabilities, building its capacity and the collaborative partnership programs, are some of the strategic issues that IA will work for to meet its five-year goals.

Contact Details
For further information, please contact us on the following addresses.
Inclusion Africa

Gessesse Tadesse- President

Grace Bhembe- Secretary