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Honourary membership

The Honourary Life Members is a way to publicly acknowledge the contributions of some of our key leaders. It is also a way to keep the history of Inclusion International alive and to tell the members about those who have worked so hard to build the strength and credibility of Inclusion International.
Honourary members
FROM 2006: Francoise Jan,Gordon Porter, JB Munro, John O'Gorman, Therese Kempeners, Victor Wahlstrom, Walter Eigner.
FROM 2008: Barb Goode, Desmond Corrigan, Fred Heddell, Moussa Charafeddine, Robert Martin.

Walter Eigner
As Treasurer he stabilized the fragile financial situation and built up a body of reserves. During the years 1990-1993 he established - in cooperation with the Canadian Association of Community Living (CACL) - the so-called "ILSMH Open Discussion Forum on New Bio-Ethical Issues", which resulted in the publication of three "Working Papers", namely
"Food for Thought on Genetic Counselling, Prenatal Diagnosis, Selective Abortion(June 1991)"
"Food for Thought on Withholding Treatment (February 1992)"
"Food for Thought on Gene Technology and Bio-Ethics (June 1993)" The end-result was then a special publication by the Roeher Institute (Canada) together with ILSMH, called "JUST TECHNOLOGY"... Reed More >>

Moussa Charafeddine
My first contact with Inclusion International formerly known as ILSMH began in UAE when Victor Walstrome was seeking representative of parents from Arab Region- in that time- to join the International Family Task Force for the International Year of the Family. In 1993 Peter Mittler conducted a series of meetings for that task force from around the World to promote the life quality of families of persons with intellectual disability. We were able to move our agenda to the UN during the International Year of the family. The series of meeting with active parents representing the World wide holding their worries as well as their successful achievements. That marvelous even paved the way for me to join the International League of Societies for Mentally Handicapped. It was a historic moment in my life when I had the opportunity to be among the World Wide Community of determined and energetic people who devoted their lives to promote life with dignity to people with intellectual disability. During my membership I was able to participate in almost all the Inclusion International meetings in Poland, Chile, Netherlands, Ferne Voltaire, Cork, Costa Rica, London, Melbourne, Mexico, and Canada. That meeting gave me a lot of knowledge and skills and opened for me a new horizon... Reed More >>

John Baldwin Munro
John Baldwin Munro or “JB” as he is better known contracted infantile paralysis (polio) as a youngster and has spent his life involved supporting people with disability and their families. He was raised as a foster child and at the age of 9 was adopted into the Munro family. On leaving school he joined the staff of Mobil Oil in Invercargill New Zealand for 4 years and then became a YMCA Secretary for ten years in both New Zealand and Australia. In 1968 he was appointed as Administrator of the Southland Branch of IHC in New Zealand until he was elected to the NZ Parliament in 1972. He served 3 years in Parliament and in 1977 was appointed as National Director of IHC New Zealand. In 1978 JB attended his first World Congress of the ILMSH (now Inclusion International) in Vienna, Austria. From 1978 until 2004 when he retired “off the payroll of IHC” he attended most of the World Congresses and General Assemblies of the League and Inclusion International and chaired several of them... Reed More >>