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Diane Richler, President
As president of Inclusion International I am pleased to have the opportunity to link my commitment to people with intellectual disabilities and their families and my experience influencing public policy. I firmly believe that policies that include people with an intellectual disability and their families are good public policies for everyone.
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Klaus Lachwitz - President Elect
During the 2008 GA that took place recently in Ottawa, Canada I was elected President Elect of Inclusion International. I am a lawyer by profession and I work for Lebenshilfe Germany as legal adviser in all fields of national and international disability laws since 1981. During that long and continuous career it has always been one of my main aims and tasks to fight for the human rights of persons with disability and their families.
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Ralph Jones, Secretary General
In my role as Secretary General I will be drawing on the many years of experience of IHC New Zealand in advocacy, lobbying, service provision and support for families. As a Chartered Accountant with a background in both the commercial and NGO sectors I expect to bring executive experience to the role of Secretary-General and the management of Inclusion International’s secretariat.
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Roland Tamraz
Roland Tamraz started his commitments towards the persons with intellectual disabilities at the age of 19 when he was at university in Montreal- Canada. He was then able to commit himself in the communities of "The Arch" where people with intellectual disabilities live together with benevolent helpers in small "homes" where they share everything, the joys, the pains, the family life, the weekend outings etc...
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David Corner
David Corner lives in Wellington and is a member of the IHC Self Advocacy Team.
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Haydee Beckles, Self-advocate
I met Inclusion International in 1998. My name is Haydee Beckles and I come from Panama, a beautiful Latin country that is a joy and love.
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Dr Gessesse Tadesse
The present president of Inclusion Africa is Dr. Gessesse Tadesse, 58 from Ethiopia. He is a father of a 24 year old intellectually disabled boy. Dr Gessesse is the Board Chairperson of the Ethiopian National Association on Intellectual Disability. By profession, he is an educator at the University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
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Nagase Osamu
My involvement with disability issues started at the college. I was a member of a voluntary circle called “Wakatake”, a weekly activity to bring disabled children into the neighborhood park to let them play with children in the park.
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Raquel Jelinek
Raquel Jelinek is the president of Inclusion Interamericana, the regional representative of Inclusion International associations in the Americas.
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Mia Farah
My name is Mia Farah and I was elected to be a Council member at the GA of II in Mexico, 2006. I am from Lebanon and I represent the Middle East, a region I know still has a lot of work to do on Inclusion.
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Ingrid Körner
I started to be involved in the Inclusion Movement in 1977. That year I gave birth to the second of my four children, a daughter with Down-Syndrome.
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Quincy Mwiya
Quincy is a single man aged 30 year; he comes from Africa and lives in Zambia. He is a person with an Intellectual disability and a Council member of the Inclusion International. In the council, he represents the region called Inclusion Africa and Indian Ocean.
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