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If your organization wishes to join Inclusion International and start the application procedure, please complete the application form and return it to the administrative office in London, together with the constitution of your organization and some detailed information about your activities (annual report, work program, etc)

On receiving this information, the Secretary General of Inclusion International will make a recommendation to the Council and to the General Assembly, which has final authority in membership matters and will ratify the admission of new members. As our General Assembly only meets every two years the admission process may seem long. However any organisation submitting their membership file will immediately benefit from the same services as the other member societies, while the application is pending (regular newsletters with information about intellectual disability issues at international, regional, national and local level, publications, and invitations to meetings...).

The entrance fee which is due for the year in which the application is submitted, and again for the year of the General Assembly (if this is not the same), is 250 Euros for associations in developing countries/countries in transition and 525 Euros for all other associations. The regular annual membership fee to Inclusion International is only due for the year after the General Assembly.

Fee structure (PDF)

Affiliation to the Regional member association does not entail affiliation to inclusion international. To become a member you need to apply directly to Inclusion International.

Types of membership:

Member National Societies
An organisation in any country may be admitted to Inclusion International as a Member National Society if it satisfies the following requirements:

a) It must be a voluntary non-governmental organization of parents and friends of persons with intellectual disability or an organization of people with intellectual disability themselves operating at a national level, or a voluntary national professional organization working exclusively in the interests of persons with intellectual disability. For the purpose of this article a “nation” is defined as a country recognised as such by the United Nations Organization.

b) It must be concerned with all phases of the welfare of persons with intellectual disability and the promotion of a wide range of services, not limited in scope to a single or special service interest.

c) It must agree to meet all obligations of full membership including the payments of such subscriptions as are lawfully determined by the Assembly in conformity with all provisions of Inclusion International’s constitution and duly established regulations, and participation in the affairs of Inclusion International as a responsible voting member.

d) In case more than one organization applies for membership as the Member National Society from a single country, the Council will render a decision based on (1) representation of the country as a whole, (2) representation of parent and family interests, (3) other considerations. Where no decision can be reached, two or more organizations may be admitted as a composite National Society with equal fractional votes assigned to the constituent organizations. All such decisions must be ratified by majority vote of the Assembly.

e) A Member National Society shall be entitled to be a member of the appropriate Region.

Affiliated Member Organizations
An organization with an interest in the affairs of persons with intellectual disability which does not meet allof the requirements for full membership under Article 2(4) may be admitted to Inclusion International as an Affiliated Member without the right to vote.

a) An Affiliated Member may be a national organization with partial or specialised interest in persons with intellectual disability; or in those countries where no national society yet exists, it may be a local or regional organization with interest in the broad range of necessary services for persons with intellectual disability. Unit members of a national society which holds a membership in Inclusion International will be represented through their national society rather than apply for independent affiliation.

b) An Affiliated Member pays such fees and subscriptions as may be determined by the Assembly for this class of membership; it will adhere to the provisions of Inclusion International ’s memorandum and articles of association and regulations applicable to it; and it may participate without vote in the deliberations of Inclusion International ’s Assembly.